C R LeCocq

C R LeCocq took photographs of coastal and town scenes in Alderney between 1900 and 1918.
C R LeCocq - Tree planting ceremony No title - Tree planting ceremony  AYLTH66 No title - Lighthouse
AYLTH54  Lighthouse AYLTH08 The Lighthouse, Mannez, Alderney
AYLTH55 The Lighthouse, Mannez, Alderney AYLTH04 Lighthouse
AYLTH58 Lighthouse AYLTH59 Lighthouse
AYLTH60 Lighthouse AYLTH69 Le Cocq Lighthouse
AYCOW62 Milking at Sharpe's Farm AYKGV01 - Le Cocq Proclamation of KGV, 1911
AYCOW63 Prizewinning cow Mabel in Victoria Street AYCOW64 Alderneys at St. Anne
AYSTA76 Alderney Prize Cattle Show 1906 AYSTA26 Alderney Cattle Fair, July 13th 191?
1911 or 1913
AYSTA254 Le Cocq Cattle Fair AYSTA255 Le Cocq Cattle Fair
AYSTA256 Le Cocq Coronation parade AYSTA257 Le Cocq Cavalcade
AYCOA52 Le Cocq Coastguard Cottages
AYWRK52 Wreck of 'Felix de Abasolo' Le Cocq Wreck of 'Felix de Abasolo'
AYWRK50 Wrecks of 'Alison' and 'Burton' AYWRK53 Wreck of SS 'Rap' off Longy
AYWRK54 Wreck of SS 'Rhenania' AYWRK66 LeCocq Dutch Cattle saved from the "Rhenania" 7/4/??
AYWRK55 Wreck of SS 'Terra' off Chateau a l'Etoc AYWRK71 Wreck of SS 'Terra' off Chateau a l'Etoc
AYWRK64 SS 'Terra' wreck AYWRK63 SS 'Linnodee' wreck
AYHBR78 Heavy seas over Breakwater Mar 5 1912 AYHBR98 Sea breaking over Breakwater Mar 5 / 12
AYSTA25 Street decorations for the coronation of King George V AYSTA52 Lower Victoria Street, Alderney
AYHAR52 Hanging Rock AYROS51 Rose Farm
AYSTA120 -- -- Connaught Square after proclamation AYCAC54 New Granite Works & Jetty
AYSTA133 LeCocq 1907 SA Songsters Alderney 1909 AYSTA266 States meeting with the public to pass the tobacco tax, October 20th 1913
AYMDN01 Yacht 'Maina' aground 1911
(Wreck of Terra in background)
AYTEL56 "A Good Day's Catch"
AYBRA57 First War Prize unloading coal at Alderney CI No title