General views comparison

The top view, said to be from a Westness picture (and dating from before 1911), was reprinted up to the 1930s.  The lower view is a section of a Bramley postcard from 1914.  The full picture in the Bramley card shows the steps of the Methodist Church on the lower right and was used from the Belle Vue Hotel.  This picture must have been taken from the top of the Belle Vue Hotel itself and, given the similarities in the view, so presumably was the Westness picture.

There are a few interesting differences.  The sign on the Victoria Hotel in the foreground is present in the later Bramley picture, and is present in a Westness picture from 1911, but absent from this Westness one: also the trees have grown larger - this is especially noticeable at the top right where the trees in the later picture obscure the houses in the background.


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